HAMAMEGURI ~Food experience Cycling(16km)

This is a short cycling tour to enjoy seafoods and to know local life of Ishinomaki, Onagawa and Oshika Peninsula.


We will give you a ride from Onagawa station to a renovated cafe “Hamaguri-do” in Oshika Peninsula to start cycling from there. You will learn how to cook local foods by the locals at a restaurant “Hama-Sai-Sai” and enjoy seafood lunch at a guest house “Meguro” in Kobuchi-hama, the goal point of this tour.


Tour fee (8,000 yen) includes guide by the local riders, activity program at Café Hamaguri-do, local food learning program at Hama-Sai-Sai, lunch at Guest House Meguro, rental bicycle, transportation service from Onagawa station to Oshika Peninsula and vice versa.

1. Onagawa Travel Information Platform “Plat” in front of JR Onagawa station

This tour starts/ends at the Onagawa Travel Information Platform “Plat” in front of JR Onagawa station. They not only provide tourist information but rental bicycle as a cycling station.

2." Café Hamaguri-do "

You will start cycling from Café Hamaguri-do. Hamaguri-hama has become a marginal village by the damage of the tsunami but some people started a project to regain their life, simple yet rich in mind, and the cafe that is the main project of them has become the most popular spot in Ishinomaki. You can enjoy beautiful view from the cafe, feeling a special atmosphere of the traditional Japanese house. You will start your journey learning what happened there and what they would like to cherish in life.

3. Cycling by the ocean

You will be heading to the next stop Ogino-hama while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Rias coast characterized by the repeated curves and the ups and downs might make you worried if you had never tried sports bike before, but you can ride safely with good pacing by the local guides who know well the course.

4.Moms’ kitchen “Hama-Sai-Sai” in Ogino-hama

At “Hama-Sai-Sai,” you will enjoy fresh seafood, stylish woody architecture, and the pretty garden in front of the restaurant. You also will enjoy communication with the local ladies who cook the seasonal specialty for you.

6. Lunch at Guest House Meguro in Kobuchi-hama

You will have lunch at Guest House Meguro in Kobuchi-hama. Their specialty is fresh seafood taken from the sea in front of.

*Please not the lunch menu may be changed according to the season and landing of seafood.

5.Cycling along the coast of Oshika Peninsula

You will keep seeing beautiful scenery and some different condition of reconstruction along the coast before arriving at the next stop, Kobuchi-hama.

7. Tour ends at "Seaparpia"

The tour will end after we drop you off at “Seaparpia” in front of Onagawa station. “Seaparpia” has so many interesting things came up after the earthquake, such as “Danborghini” made of cardboard, guitar factory, famous restaurant offering bowl of rice topped with sashimi, and popular cafe. All of them have been established from scratch out of the huge damage of the earthquake. Onagawa is a great place to enjoy even after our tour ends.



10:00 Meet at Onagawa Travel Information Platform “Plat” in front of JR Onagawa station

10:30 "Café Hamagurudo" in Oshika Peninsula ~ start cycling

12:30 Local food experience at "Hama Saisai" in Ogino-hama

14:00 Seafood lunch at "Guest House Meguro" in Kobuchi-hama

15:45 End of tour at Onagawa Travel Information Platform “Plat”


· The local cycling guide will attend the whole process.

· The participation fee includes food experience at “Hama-Sai-Sai” and lunch at “Guest House Meguro.” Please bear the expenses of other foods and drinks on your own.

· Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis for each schedule and will be closed when it reaches capacity.


Time required

About 6 hours

Cycling Distance

About 16 km (about 10 miles)

Meeting place

​Onagawa Travel Information Platform “Plat” in front of JR Onagawa station.

What you want to bring

· Wear clothes easy to exercise (cycling), sports shoes

· Backpack to carry your cell phone and other valuables

Number of people

4〜8 person