WHAT IS A “Soraumi Cycling”?

“Sora” means sky and “umi” means sea.

“Soraumi Cycling” is a local experience cycling tour on which you can go around the beaches in Ishinomaki, Onagawa and Oshika Peninsula with the local guides.

In Japan, the villages along the coast are called “Hama.”

Ishinomaki, Onagawa and Oshika Peninsula have many hamas which are famous for the most fresh seafood brought from the intersection of warm and cold ocean currents. Especially Oshika Peninsula has 28 hamas, separated by sharp capes unique to the rias coast. And each hama has its own culture and life! Why don’t you come and experience “hama life” communicating with the local people? This tour will bring you back to the culture, life, and wisdom that have been lost in the city.


Company Name:Soraumi Cycling Limited liability partnership.


Address:1-2-39,Ookaidohigashi, Ishinomaki-City, Miyagi Prefecture 986-0855 Japan